Buy 10 Bars of Soap for $50.00

Merrill Marie Soapworks of Findlay, Ohio  specializes in homemade artisan soap and bath essentials. 
Started early in 2014 by two sisters, Jennifer Fickel and Anne Laiho, (who christened the company using their alliterative middle names), Merrill Marie was born out of a need for chemical-free personal care products, a desire for a creative outlet, and the need to supplement the household income for a stay-at-home mom.
“Our passion is soap.”  That may sound strange, but true.   All of our soap bars are made in small batches using the cold-process method. They are wonderful artisan products that are made with natural oils, butters, herbs, clays, and all sorts of other amazing things.  We have something for all natural tastes. Whether you are looking for natural essential oil scents, fun fragrances, or no fragrance at all, we have quality options for you.  Our soaps leave your skin feeling moisturized and beautiful.
Supplementing our soaps is a luscious array of bath and body products-everything from lip balm to bath fizzies to sugar scrubs. Our lotions are made from scratch without the harsh chemicals of traditional store brands. Our sugar scrubs and bath fizzies are divine treat for your senses and your skin. Everything you need to feel special and pampered.
Merrill Marie Soapworks is committed to bringing quality “natural” products and an alternative to the chemical-laden offerings lining the local store shelves.
Serve your body homemade-it will thank you.