Welcome to Merrill Marie's Seasonal Soap Club!

Looking for that special gift? Give that "hard to buy for" person a gift that keeps on giving, Give them the gift of luxurious handmade soap all year long!  

Every three months, your special person will receive a shipment of 3 bars of Merrill Marie's hand crafted, cold-processed soap.

Season 1 will ship in January with a bar of Lavender, Buttermilk Honey Oat, and Spring Garden
Season 2 will ship in April with a bar of Lemongrass Poppyseed, Calendula Aloe,and Lilac
Season 3 will ship in July with a bar of Patchouli, Unscented Goat milk, and Blackberry Sage
Season 4 will ship in October with a bar of Eucalyptus Mint, White Tea & Ginger,and Facial Bar

You can order just 1 season or 2 or 3 or all 4 seasons for that Special Someone. You choose the season that is sent.